Monday, January 17, 2011

Making the House Livable

As we prepared to launch Operation Paint the House the tenants finished moving the rest of their things.  Once we got the chance to do a thorough walk through we realized that Operation Paint the House needed to be postponed.  Before we could make the house pretty we needed to make it livable. 

The kitchen had to be gutted. 
(You can't tell by looking at this picture, but the tenant fixed the leaking sink with duct tape - bad move!)

The hole in the living room floor needed patched.

The tile and wall situation in the den needed to be addressed.  (Apparently tile should stay secured to the floor when you walk on it, and grout should be between all of the joints.)

The tenant re-tiled the floor.  The couch must have been on the back wall; they didn't grout under it.  The bottom half of the walls was paneling.  They decided to sheetrock, but they didn't take down the paneling first.  Yes that does mean that the walls had a noticeable change in thickness.

I also had a hang-up about being scared of my own shower.

What else?  Oh yeah, coax cable is not an adequate substitute for romex.  A/C ducts should not have holes in them.  Speaker wire should not leave scorch marks on your pants if you accidentally touch it in the attic.  And since we are just so picky, we decided it would be nice for the garage door to actually open (amongst other things).  

Painting would have to wait.

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