Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Boy's Room - After

When we started the remodel, The Boy had just turned one, so we decided that his room should not be a nursery.  We felt that he needed a big boy room that could easily grow with him.  We paired a neutral wall color with a fun light fixture and let the furniture and accessories do the rest. 

In the few years since we moved into our house the room has continued to evolve.  The crib was replaced by a toddler bed which has since been replaced by a big boy bed, but the bones of the room have remained the same. 

The Boy's Room currently looks like this:

The Boy loves sports.  He loves from football and baseball to tennis and golf!  He also loves Toy Story.  See the pillow on the bed?   There is a matching comforter.  We swap between the two every couple of weeks.


The jersey in the shadowbox is an Ole Miss jersey from the Boy's uncle.  I have no idea whose jersey is is, but The Boy loves it.

The dresser belonged to a close family friend who passed away.  The Boy's Daddy thinks that it is too small.  I can't imagine giving it away, but it may find a home somewhere else in the house.


We wanted a room that would grow with The Boy, and I think we succeeded.  From the neutral wall color to the sports themed photographs and memorabilia this room could almost belong to a teenage boy (the action figures would probably be a tip off though).

With the exception of the Buzz Lightyear on the dresser and the action figures on the shelves above the headboard, there aren't any visible toys in The Boy's room (when it's clean).  Don't feel too bad for him though...

Did you notice the left wall of the closet?  Let's take a closer look.

I can't take all the credit.  My sister gave The Boy this wall tattoo, but I did decide where it put it.  I like it.  I think it gives the room character.  I'm not sure that the light fixture adds any whimsy or charm, but The Boy and his Daddy won that fight.


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