Monday, January 24, 2011

The Master Bedroom and Master Bathroom - Before

Originally our bedroom had some pretty serious ceiling issues; it was gross. 

I also didn't understand the thought process behind this sconce...why just one, why there, and why that one?  Random.

Besides those two things, the master bedroom was in pretty good shape.  It just needed the same basic stuff as the rest of the house: framing for normal closet doors, new windows, new electrical, a new light fixture, new interior doors, trim, refinished floors and paint.  Just your standard stuff that everyone has to deal with before they can move into their house, right?

The master bathroom was a completely different story. 

Absolutely nothing in this room was salvageable; we gutted it to the studs.  Even some of the floor joists had to be replaced.  I wish I had an in progress shot, but you can picture it; open the bathroom door and you can see the half bathroom below it.  The good part about all this was that opening up the wet wall between the bathrooms gave us the opportunity to see just how much plumbing repair would be needed, hooray!  The bad part was that we'd have to get rid of that awesome wallpaper.  So I'm exagrating.  There was no good or bad part; it all just meant more work!

We actually made the master bathroom just a little bit bigger by stealing a couple of square feet from the bedroom.  I think that we pushed the wall back by 18" (maybe 16").  Let me tell you, that foot and a half made a huge difference in the feel of the room. 

The bathtub was removed and a shower was put in its place.  An interesting fact about that bathtub...if you look closely you can see that the drain is on one end and the tub controls are on the other.  That is my mom's handiwork.  When they acquired the house this room was plumbed for a bathtub, but there was no bathtub.  So, it was either leave this setup, or choose between moving plumbing to the exterior wall of the house or lowering the ceiling in the half bath below this room.  She choose the easy option (and I don't blame her).

I told you that the bathroom wasn't pretty...

How about a little perspective on just how small this room was.  See the edge of the doorframe on the left of the picture?  See the toilet?  Well, there was a sink between the two.

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