Sunday, January 23, 2011

Productive Day Thanks to a Sweet Deal

Normally when The Boy's Daddy calls to say he's found a good deal on something it's something that he really wants, but I'm generally unimpressed.  Last weekend The Boy's Daddy was telling me about this great deal he found on a pressure washer.  We rarely have a need for a pressure washer, so we usually just borrow one from parents.  It turns out TBD wanted one of his own but knew I would be willing to spend the money.  He was right though; he had found a great deal.  He found a display model (of sorts; it had been used at the store) similar to this one marked down to $60 and an extended warranty for $6 - Yes please!
The Boy and his Daddy got so much stuff done on Saturday!  They pressure washed everything that stood still- the house, the deck, my car, the Jeep, the dog's house and the BBQ.  Wow!  I hope the novelty doesn't wear off anytime soon, because they put a serious dent in the To Do list.

I took a picture of The Boy with Daddy's new toy, but did not turn out well.  Instead I figured I'd use a picture of the Dynamic Duo taken this summer Tybee Island.  (The Boy has pointed out that he does not need training wheels anymore.  He is a big boy.)

Then I started thinking about Tybee.  I love Tybee, and I love this picture of a Tybee sunrise taken on the same trip as the picture above. 

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