Saturday, January 22, 2011

What you Talkin' Bout Willis

I've been thinking about the changes that we made to the layout of the house (there weren't that many), and I think that a visual aid might be helpful.  I tend to ramble and such, so this may help clarify things.  The original budget (and timeline) for a "fix it up quickly so we can move in" remodel was small.  We were going to keep the layout of the house untouched so that we could save money and get things finished quickly.  We blew through the original budget (and then some) and made minimal changes to the layout.  So yeah, our plan failed- oh well! 

Here is the main level of the house; the front door is right by the coat closet (isn't that convenient).  For some reason, the wall that blocks off the kitchen doesn't quite block the whole kitchen.  It stops about a foot from where the kitchen floor ends (the back of the cabinets - a logical place).  Why the wall didn't stop the same place is beyond me.  Random!

Main Level

This is the top level of the house.  Three bedrooms and a couple of bathrooms.  Pretty basic stuff.

Top Level

The bottom level of the house (you could tell from the header that the house was a split level, right?).  I know that I didn't include measurements in the drawings, but let me point out that the den is right at 22' deep.  The more narrow portion of the room (by the stairs) is 8' wide.  What does one do with a room that deep and narrow?  It is too narrow to really make zones (since the logical placement for the TV is next to the stairs), but if we didn't create zones the TV characters would looks like little tiny army men (the green ones).  We were perplexed.  Also the half bath - yeah, it's 5' wide and 10' deep...

Bottom Level

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